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Welcome to Essential Sense- the fun platform for parents and kids!

Ezzensials provides you with important resources towards a better parenthood. It would help you lead your special ones into mentally, physically and emotionally strong individuals. The website also helps you as a parent to enjoy the grooming and mentoring process and develop a special bond with the little darlings.

Ray Wilbur, the third president of Stanford University once said “the potential possibilities of any child are the most intriguing and stimulating in all creation”.  Hence, as a parent it is our responsibility to provide innumerable opportunities to our tiny tots so that they are able to tab on their strengths and grow up empowered, responsible, intelligent, independent and contented.

It is a fact that great parenting is reflected in parents’ behavior and not child’s conduct. Hence, we aim to guide you in honing your parental skills and becoming model parents to your kids. Parenting is a big responsibility and should be taken seriously. However, it is also the MOST important chapter of our lives. So, we need to enjoy this journey and Ezzensials wants to introduce you to all the fun parts that are important in our lives too. This would help you to enjoy the innocence, exuberance and naughtiness of your child and keep the little inquisitive minds engaged by supplying numerous resources, activities, engagements and games to keep them learning, developing and happy.