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Short Story By Ms.Saloni Sinha


The summer vacation was on its full swing and most of Anushka’s friends were gone out of Pune. So, when the nine year old went down to play one Saturday evening, there was just she and three of her society friends- Prerna, Radha and Sharanya. The girls were discussing the upcoming mother’s day which would fall on Sunday. Each one of them had a plan for celebrating it and only Anushka was unaware of the big day. Radha was planning to take her parents to a comedy movie and gift her mother a card. Prerna also had card and a pair of earrings (which she had bought with the help of her father) ready. Sharanya being the oldest at age 10 was acting more mature by deciding to celebrate the event with both her grannies that lived locally along with her mother and aunty for all of them were mother figures to her. Hearing about them Anushka too decided to celebrate mother’s day with all her mother figures

After going home in late evening Anushka sat down to draw cards for her mother, paternal grandmother (she had lost her maternal grandma a few months ago), and her aunt who lived in Delhi. Next day she woke her dad early and took him out for some shopping. There were very few shops open in the morning, but the determined girl managed to buy five beautiful pots with different plants from a local nursery. She bought a rose plant, a cactus, a mango sapling, a neem sapling and a money plant. 

Anushka’s mother was working in the kitchen when Anushka barged in with her gifts in tow. Of course her father had carried some of the pots for her and Anushka presented the pots along with her greeting card to her mother. Earlier she had presented a card to her grandmother and wished her aunt on the phone promising her to deliver her card when she met her personally later in the year. Anuskka’s mom was pleasantly surprised with her gifts.

However, she reasoned out- as they lived in an apartment they could not have the neem and mango plants for long. Anushka smiled her sweet innocent smile and said “mom today is a mother’s day. Mother Nature is also our mother. She gives us bountiful and we are careless in our respect of her. This mother’s day I wanted to say thank-you to all my mothers and Mother Nature is one of them. By getting these plants I am saving on money. I am gifting both you and my sweet Mother Nature. The rose plant would add beauty to your life. Cactus would continuously remind us that we need to work with the least amount of water. Money plant would act as an air purifier for our home. Mango would bear fruits for everyone and Neem would provide us medicinal properties both by purifying the air and also through its leaves which could be consumed or added as paste. While these are your gifts, I promise to look after them and care for them as long as I live in this house. You have the option to grow mango and neem as bonsai plants and keep in your terrace garden or plant them in the community garden. However, no matter which form you make them grow, you would be adding to Mother Nature and she would reciprocate with a healthier life. So, happy mother’s day! Thank you mom once again for every little thing that you do for me.”

Anushka’s mother had not much to say. She only had tears in her eyes and smile on her lips as she embraced her little angel.