Keep Your Young Brains Engaged Fruitfully!

//Keep Your Young Brains Engaged Fruitfully!

Keep Your Young Brains Engaged Fruitfully!

In this electronic world it’s so tough to keep the children away from the gadgets that do more harm than good. Every other day there’s an article in newspaper or news in the TV to enlighten us that the gadget addiction causes impairment in speech, hearing, or overall mental development. So it becomes imperative that we take enough efforts to keep the little ones engaged with activities which will channelize their energy for a better health and brain development.

In this world of working parents, lots of day care centres have mushroomed to take better care of the little ones, but in most of the households, grandparents or nannies still take care of the little ones. Present day care centres are well- equipped and creatively designed to meet the parents’ need of engaging their children in a better way. So they have play areas, or interesting activity centres with qualified teachers to keep the children engaged the whole day.

These day care centres pose a challenge to home kept children because they lack the expert engagements provided in former avenues. However, grandparents or nannies can also keep the children engaged in a similarly manner. Here are few suggestions on games and activities which the child can easily play at home. These games will not only keep the little minds engaged but, will also result in superior thought processing.  All the below activities will teach the children to be patient, tolerant and creative.


This a super game which will keep the player intrigued every time he/she starts a new game. It a single player game, but keeps the onlooker also fascinated. The rules are very simple and anyone can learn the game very soon. It is just swapping of the coins, but the check lies in the number of coins left on the board at the end of the game. Your brain is tested each time you start playing the game and the intelligence level is revealed at the end of the game. Give it a try folks, buy a board today!

Caution with the marbles.  Be wary if the child is very small and very naughty.


This is an age old popular game, which can keep the little one engaged for hours together. It is a multiplayer game and many people can play at the same time.  The child can start with small words; slowly he/she will start using bigger words. To make the game more interesting they can be given clues or short stories to guess the word. The vocabulary will improve and the kids would also learn correct spellings.

Uno Cards

This card game differs from the usual card game by improving the thought process on recognition of colours, and numbers. Players also have to use their skills and think differently to win the game. It is a multiplayer game, so the whole family can be involved. The rules are very simple and the cards are also very colourful and attractive. The child will soon develop interest and enjoy his time at home.

Making Simple Dishes

This may not be any game, but kids can be involved in making simple non-fire dishes. Make the activity very interesting by lot of interesting talks. Kids like conversations. Simple dishes like Sandwiches, Bhel-Puri and likes can be exciting to make. The child will love the end result. They will have yummy dish, that’s the catch here. The child would also learn the skill to measure. He would also learn to check for quality and quantity and to clean up the mess.

Jewellery Making

This activity brings out the creative side of the child- boy or girl. This activity is neutral. You just have to make sure that your kid doesn’t handle any sharp object. The child can make the design on the paper and place the colourful beads on the sketch to decide and come out with the final design. Remember to strike a conversation always with kids, they love to talk. Allow them to think of a design and colour combination, appreciate all their moves. Correct them very lovingly and explain why you are making those changes to his/her design. This fun activity can go on for hours together. Buy a Hobby Kit today!

Memory Games

These are great way to make children rake their brains. The activity can be object oriented or speech based or also played through words. The game should be moulded and organized keeping the child’s age in mind. You can play in teams or two or more. The game could be spiced up with the help of your imagination. The child will learn to memorise objects or words. This game will improve the retention power of the child. It would also develop a healthy feeling of competitive spirit in your little ones.




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