Five Interesting Games Children can Play with their Grandparents

//Five Interesting Games Children can Play with their Grandparents

Five Interesting Games Children can Play with their Grandparents

The nuclear families of today make the younger generation very impatient. Children are sent to a crowd of classes which inculcate a sense of competition and anxiety in them. Things would be completely different if the grandparents are available during the formative years of the children. If your family is whole and complete with three set of generations living under the same roof, you can consider your children to be lucky, because they stand to benefit from the vast experiences and knowledge of the grandparents. The time spent in the company of grandparents creates golden memories for the children. The grandparents also feel loved and occupied by the little ones. Moreover, kids have an impressionable mind and so by spending more time with their grandparents they will follow and learn their characteristics and home culture. Children will learn community feeling and also feel a connection with their traditions. Listed below are five intriguing games which can help the aged and the young to have an enjoyable time while improving their concentration and memory.

  1. Bring out the Jigsaw Puzzles
    If your children are interested in playing jigsaw puzzles, let them play with the grandparents with a new set of puzzles every now and then. The grandparents learn to play and apply their mind to the game just to please your children. When you play this game with your children you may snub them for not finding the right piece faster. But when you leave them with the grandparents, they find it on their own simply because grandparents do not chide them for being slow. This helps both the children and grandparents develop hand-eye coordination and an enhanced memory.
  2. The Magic Trick for the Best Audience
    Gift your children a kit to perform simple magic tricks and encourage them to try it on the grandparents. The elderly are the best audience for your children. The applause they give when a trick is a success is quite different from yours. A book of tricks which requires an interactive audience is what you need to keep your children and parents engaged mentally.
  3. Smear the Paint and Set their Imagination Free
    Painting and drawing are two creative activities which help children in the long run. The activities encourage them to imagine, reflect and paint images on canvas. This bit of creative engagement is beneficial for both young and old. In fact, a simple colouring activity when done in the company of the grandparents becomes an inspired session. You will be surprised at the imaginative streak of your children when you observe their work of art.
  4. Have a Storytelling Session
    Storytelling is yet another activity which encourages little ones to be ingenious. While the grandparents may stick to mythological stories, the children can create stories of their own. You can observe a mix of their personal experiences and imagination in the tales. These creative activities not only help your aged parents stay alert in mind but also help your children express themselves better.
  5. Card Games which Test the Memory
    Card games may seem very boring or too much for you to concentrate or play with your children. But, leave the youngsters with their grandparents, and you will observe each one trying to impress the other. Also, the absence of the pressure to excel helps them involve in the game with their own free will.


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