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Although learning from tablets and mobiles are easy and convenient, you should encourage your child to learn from other sources. By allowing the kids to learn through gadgets you would only be contributing towards their gadget addiction.

A child’s bone marrow is very weak compared to that of an adult. So, by introducing your child to cell phones at an early age you would be pushing her towards diseases like cancer.

Why is your mobile phone so accessible to your child? Keep it away from the reach of your little one and better still lock it with a password pin.

You can put up parental control on any game requiring age requirement of 3+. Just click on the left hand tab on the play store application and select settings -> parental control and switch it to on.

No, gadget addiction is not a recognized disorder and has not been included in clinical counseling or psychiatry books, but, it is surely an evolving problem and may soon find its place in the list of addiction disorders.

If you child looks at her gadget for long time with little diversions in between then she will definitely not spoil her eyes. However, non-stop looking at gadget for a long duration of time would definitely have a negative effect on her eye sight.