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Career Options in Humanities Stream

Humanities offer many career opportunities where most are highly paying and respectable jobs. The old myth supported science study for boys and humanities for girls. However, the modern age sees many career options in humanities stream. The humanities related jobs pay well and also provide high job satisfaction. In fact, boys are looking for alternatives from engineering and medical and a path to showcase their creativity and their ingenuity in unique professions. Here are some career opportunities in human stream meant for both boys and girls.

  1. Advertising Manager

An advertising manager works in a creative field and the job profile includes planning and direction of advertising and promotional campaigns of companies to augment public awareness in their products. The different skills needed are project management, communication, creativity, media, and marketing. However, it is also a stressful job as there is always lot of pressure to deliver a campaign on time. The perks are good salary and a space for creativity. You can apply for this humanities related job after getting a four year degree in advertising or related fields like marketing or journalism.

  1. Accountant

An accountant supplies fiscal information to management and prepares financial reports. An accountant needs a degree in accounting, and required skills include general mathematics knowledge, data entry management, time management, confidentiality, SFAS Rules, attention to details, reporting skills, corporate finance, and deadline oriented.

Perks include job security and high salary.

  1. Advertising Sales Agent

An advertising sales agent is also known as an advertising executive. The humanities related job is to sell advertising space to individuals and corporations. The advertising executive could work in a range of industries such as internet publishing, television, radio, and advertising agencies. The professional needs to contact probable customers, create sales presentations, maintain customer accounts, and usually work under pressure. Skills needed here are good sales pitch, persuasion, communication, presentation, and maintaining relationships with customers. It is a great career option in humanities which would give you both job satisfaction and good pay.

  1. Air Hostess/ Cabin Crew

You can work as an air hostess or cabin crew in any domestic or international airline. Your job would entail determining the safety and comfort of your passengers. The perks of this humanities related job is good salary and excellent travelling opportunity.

Key skills required are great interpersonal skills, effective communication skills, tact and diplomacy, general good health, and a cheerful personality.


  1. Anthropologist

The job of anthropologist deals with study of origin and physical, social, and cultural development and behaviour of mankind. The job is basically divided in three categories- teaching, museum work, and research. You can work as a researcher in Indian organizations such as the Planning Commission and Archaeological Survey of India or international organization like UNICEF, or UNESCO. Many NGOs also appoint anthropologists to seek their help in comprehending the relationship between society and industry. The expertise of anthropologists is needed by many organizations like police department, WHO and ICMR.

  1. Archaeologist

An archaeologist studies evidences of the past to collect data about human history. Very few people work in this field as there are limited job prospects. Jobs could be found in cultural resource management firms, government organizations, museums, consulting firms, and research organizations. However, there is poor growth rate in this industry and the job involves long hours on the field.

To become an archaeologist you need to have a master’s or doctorate degree in archaeology. A doctorate degree could help you secure a job as a professor.

Soft skills needed are critical thinking, active listening, active learning, perseverance, reading comprehension, and verbal communication and writing. 

  1. Artist

An artist is a person who draws, paints, or creates sculptors. Artists work in many mediums like wood, photographic film, clay, metal, wax, or paper. The works are sold at museums, to individual clients. Artists can work as teacher or university lecturer, print maker, arts administrator, graphic designer, animator, photographer, illustrator, marketing manager, art agent, art gallery dealer, commercial artist, makeup artist, etc. To become an artist it is always better to pursue an apt course like bachelors or masters in fine arts, apprentice under an expert artist, and attending workshops. Different artists make different levels of earnings with the top artists taking away a handsome salary, while the school teachers taking home an average pay.


  1. Bank

Banks offer lucrative career options with great pay and fixed work hour. There are different jobs for entry-level workers, college graduates, and experienced professionals. To work in a bank you do not need mathematics or an economics degree. If you have a strong analytical mind and strong numerical skills then you can find many job opportunities in bank even with a humanities background.


  1. Cartographer

A cartographer studies, designs, produces and distributes conventional and digital maps, diagrams, spreadsheets, and charts for commercial customers and public sector. Cartographers work for commercial map publishers, private consultancies, service agencies, utilities companies, and local authorities. To become a cartographer you would require a degree in relevant field like marine science, geochemistry, geography, surveying, structural engineering, earth science, geology, and oceanography. Customer demands for reliable and accurate maps see a greater demand for cartographers in the upcoming years.


  1. Civil Services

Civil services offer a range of high paying and respectable jobs. The jobs range from administration, accounting and tax, postal workers, fire service, Foreign Service, and law enforcement. To become a civil servant you need to sit for the civil services exams which are held at state level and national level. A graduate from any stream is eligible to sit for the exam. The civil services jobs are highly respectable ones and there are a number of perks aside from the handsome salary.


  1. Climate/ Environmentalist

Environmentalism is concerned with the study of protecting environment resources. An environmentalist does varied jobs based on individual skill and passion. The environmentalist can work as an environmental scientist, environmental lobbyist, and post secondary environmental educators. A scientist can work only with a bachelor’s degree in humanities; a lobbyist would need an additional law degree, while educators need masters or doctoral degrees. The job of the scientists is to measure depletion, decay, and contamination of resources. A lobbyist helps make decision on environmental related laws. Educators work in colleges and teach students environment science subjects. This career option in humanities is a highly respected one, however, the pay would be average.

  1. Counsellor

A counsellor can work as a mental health counsellor, a school counsellor, an employment counsellor, an education counsellor, a drug counsellor, etc. To become a counsellor you need to pursue higher education in the related field. This humanities related job is a highly respected one and even pays good.


  1. Economist

An economist studies the production and distribution of services, goods, and resources. He or she collects and analyses data, researches trends, and evaluates fiscal concerns. The economist makes use of economic evaluation in the fields of environment, health, development, education, and others. Most of the economists work in local, state, and federal government, while many also work for corporations, research firms, and think tanks. The different economists are public finance economist, micro economist, macroeconomist, labour economist, international economist, industrial economist, financial economist, and econometrician. Economists usually need a higher education such as masters of doctorate. It is one of the highest paying jobs in the humanities field.


  1. Editor

An editor works in numerous publishing domains like online publishing, book publishing, magazine publishing, and newspaper publishing. The editor looks after the content and style of the publication and holds a managerial role. The necessary skills are leadership quality, IT skills, visual and imagination sense, accuracy in work, and excellent in spelling and grammar. The pays are good for this humanities job.


  1. Event Organizer

Event management is an evolving field and event managers are needed for everything- from planning birthday parties and marriage ceremonies to holding big organizational events and fashion shows. This humanities related job is hectic and involves lot of hours and work to be a success. An event organizer controls all aspects of an event- from conception to clean up. The essential skills are problem solving, organization, negotiation, computer skills, calm in the face of pressure, and good communication skills. Employers usually look for graduates or candidates from hospitality field like hotel management.


  1. Fashion Designer

A fashion designer designs dresses for boutiques and celebrities. You can also launch your own label of designer dresses. However, to be competent in this field you need to have creativity and an eye for beauty.




  1. Real Estate Agent

A real estate sales agent rents, buys, or sells properties for their customers. They typically work with a licensed real estate broker, although they could also work individually. They must have knowledge about the real estates in their regions. The pay is good although irregular.


  1. Film Making

Film making is an evolving career and there are numerous streams attached to it. The traditional job is that of a director or a producer. Other jobs in this stream include composer, movie editor, makeup artist, prop master, costume designer, set designer, and others. Different jobs demand different salaries. However, the jobs may be irregular and inconsistent. Jobs usually demand a degree in filmmaking.

  1. Human Resource Specialist

A human resource specialist recruits screens, interviews, and places workers. The HR specialists usually handle jobs associated with employee relations, training, compensation and benefits. The HR specialists usually work in manufacturing, healthcare and social assistance, government, professional scientific and technical services, and employment services. The minimum educational qualification is a bachelor’s degree and the aspiring candidate can also go in for additional certification courses. The qualities needed for this humanities related job are interpersonal skills; detail oriented, decision making skills, and good communication skills. The salaries are good and the job prospects are bright.

  1. Geologist

A geologist engages in the study of earth processes like volcanic eruptions, floods, landslides, and earthquakes to survey land and create safe building plans. While engaging in investigation of earth processes, they look up metals and minerals, oil, natural gases, water, and methods of extraction. There are various job profiles for a geologist. However, if you are aspiring for an upper level position in survey, research, or teaching, then you need to have a doctorate in geography or related fields. This humanities related career gives a good salary even at entry level. There is also a positive demand for this field.

  1. GIS Analyst

A GIS Analyst is a well-rounded, tech-savvy individual possessed with many types of skills. The GIS professionals are fast-on-their-feet, and are multi-disciplinary and multi-tasking. Their job is to prepare report, undertake research, and provide professional opinion. They also work in companies to maintain databases, prepare maps, and to create spatial data sets. Jobs can be found in national and local governments to manage economic development, land records, and infrastructures. GIS analyst is an entry level job which transforms into management or specialized field jobs. Their duties include remote sensing, spatial analysis, database management, cartography, and surveying and business development.

  1. Hotel Management

Hotel management is one of the most sought after professions in the field of hospitality. It provides you with an opportunity to work in cruise ship management, forest lodges, hospital management & catering, hotel & restaurant management, club management, airline catering & cabin services, among others.

The different departments include sales & marketing, front office operations, housekeeping, food & beverages, management, and kitchen. So, if you have a pleasing personality, is good in numerical aptitudes, reasoning skills, and strong communication, then this field is just for you.

  1. Industrial Relation Officer

An industrial relation officer works as an implementer of constitutional and other welfare schemes related to industries. This government job requires coordination with states’ industrial policies. If you want to work for the society at the lowest level and engage in community development program, then this job is right for you. It is a demanding job and you could be posted at a tribal or rural area for elongated time durations. An industrial relation officer needs good persuasion skills and needs to supervise, coordinate, and guide all industry and labour related policies.

It is a class II officer job and highly secure and the perks involve developing job opportunities for skilled professionals and labourers.

  1. Interior Designer

An interior designer designs homes, offices, and other spaces in an aesthetic manner which is safe, functional and beautiful, and fits within a customer’s budget. The designer usually works with builders, mechanical engineers, structural engineers, or architects. He or she mostly make use of computer aided designs (CADs) and specializes in a specific type of building, room, or style. The interior designers could find jobs in construction, wholesalers, furniture stores, services, architectural, and specialized design services. Interested candidate can do a bachelor’s degree in any domain along with interior designing programs in associate, bachelors, and master’s degree level. The pay is usually good and the job may entail going to client sites.

  1. Interpreter/ Translator

A translator translates sentences from one language into another. The responsibilities include reading and researching industry related terms, converting audio recordings and texts from one language into another while ensuring that the meaning in the new language remains unchanged. The skills needed are written and oral fluency in a minimum of two languages.

  1. Jewellery Designer

A jewellery designer designs beautiful jewellery in different metallic bases. The designer is a trained professional with technical knowledge, imagination, and lots of creativity. However, there are limited options for salaried jobs in this field and only the established ones earn good returns.

  1. Journalist

You can make your career as a journalist writing articles for newspapers, magazines, internet news portals, radio, or television. The job entails writing and assembling interesting news stories for audiences. Preferred education is a degree in journalism or English.

  1. Lawyer

A lawyer studies law and represents clients in civil litigation, criminal, and other proceedings. He or she may specialize in a single domain, or could practice in multiple areas of law. A lawyer can work independently, or with private or corporate legal offices. Lawyers also work for government at the local, state, or national level. The pay is handsome for successful lawyers.

  1. Lecturer

Teaching is considered one of the most prestigious jobs in the country. A lecturer teaches students in colleges and universities. However, to become a lecturer you have to undergo many years of studies and should have completed doctorate in your preferred stream of study. The pay is good and there are many holidays.

  1. Librarian

A librarian takes care of library and manages the upkeep of books. This career option in humanities needs a degree in library science. The pay is modest. However, there is little stress involved. It is a people-focused job and the responsibility includes acquisition, organization, management, and distribution of library resources.

  1. Linguist

Linguists are experts in language(s) and work in educational institutes, government offices, and other infrastructures.  Their job requires translating, analysing, or interpreting two or more languages. The linguist can find job in both public and private segments. Depending on the job and place of work, the growth and pay may vary greatly. To become a linguist you need to have a minimum of bachelor’s degree.


  1. Museum Worker/ Curator

A museum worker oversees collections of historic items and artworks, and could also engage in public service activities for an institute. Their task is usually administrative in nature while they also assist in their institute’s research programs and related educational projects. They may also act as their institute’s media representatives. Curators usually work in educational services, government, and museums or historical sites. Essential skills required are technical skills, organizational skills, customer-service skills, computer skills, and analytical skills. To pursue this exciting field of humanities you would need a master’s degree in museum studies, archaeology, history, or art history. There is limited opportunity for promotions and high competition for top museum positions.


  1. Public Relations Manager

A public relations manager is concerned with assisting a government agency, organization, or company to maintain a positive public image. Hence, the manager makes use of different forms of media. The PR manager must possess strong problem solving skills, knowledge of social media, organizational skills, and communication and written skills. The median salary is handsome although there is much work involved.

To become a PR manager you need to have a bachelors or master’s degree in public relations.


  1. Psychologist

A psychologist helps people to deal with their mental illnesses. To become a psychologist you need to have a degree in clinical psychology. A chartered psychologist needs postgraduate training and study. Apart from professional psychologist, the person can also work in related sectors such as social services, schools, police forces, health services, the media, marketing companies, local and national government, human resources department, fiscal organizations, and industrial and commercial companies.

  1. Social Worker

A social worker contributes to the society by assisting people in overcoming difficulties and enhancing their lives. The job is both challenging and rewarding. To become a social worker you need to earn a graduate degree in social science or pursue a degree in clinical psychology. The social workers work as mental health professionals and assist people with different problems like substance abuse, relationship, health, financial, and psychological. Social workers are typically employed in social assistance or health care sectors like private practices, mental health clinics, and hospitals. There are different median salaries for different speciality areas.


  1. Sociologist

A sociologist studies social behaviour and society by examining social institutions, organizations, cultures, groups and processes developed by people in the context of economic, political, and social forces. Sociologists find jobs as social workers, lawmakers, educators, and administrators to formulate public policy and solve societal issues. They work full time and usually need a masters or doctorate degree in sociology or related fields. The pay scale is usually good and the job growth rate is bigger than many other jobs in the humanities related careers.


  1. Teacher

Teacher is a respectable position and anyone with a graduate or higher degree with an accompanied B.Ed. can opt for this profession. You can opt to be a private school teacher of a government school teacher. However, save for some high class private schools, in general the government schools pay more to their staff.



  1. Travel Agent

A travel agent organizes attractive travel packages for customers. The travel agent must have good persuasive power. The job profile includes selling transportation, lodging, and entertainments to groups or individuals planning on corporate or personal tours. He or she has to do some research to come up with best possible trip option within a specific budget. They may have to build contact with hotels, resorts, and airlines to make affordable travel solutions. They may work as a corporate travel agent or leisure travel agent. This humanities stream occupation is a full time job and the agent could have to undergo a brief training before beginning on the job. The essential skills required are sales skills, organizational skills, detail oriented, customer-service skills, and good communication skills.


  1. Writer

Writing is a relatively new field of work. However, with the evolution of internet the demand for writers is increasing. Writers are needed for many things- from writing script for a movie, to writing contents for web pages, writing articles and blogs for different websites, and also to act as ghost writers for prominent authors and writers. To become a writer you need to have a good grasp of written language along with a flair for writing.

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