Best Out of Waste- Craft Ideas for Kids and Elderly

//Best Out of Waste- Craft Ideas for Kids and Elderly

Best Out of Waste- Craft Ideas for Kids and Elderly

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With the new year kicking in, do you suddenly find yourself with the clutter of old calendars? Instead of throwing them away, why not use them for craft work? Old calendars can be used for a variety of craft ideas. You can easily create best craft works from waste and indulge in a thing of beauty. One of the most interesting yet simple craft from old calendars is Making Sugarcane Look-alikes.

Making sugarcane look-alikes with old calendars is a fun and indulging activity. Children can easily carry out this simple task under the guidance of their grandparents and make best out of waste.


Roll the old calendars tight enough and stick the ends using tape so that it forms a strong tall log-like structure. You may add old newspapers sheets to lengthen or fatten the rolls. This way you can make the base of the banana stem or a sugar cane. Since it is sugarcane no additional sheets were used to give bulk to the logs.

Use coloured sheets which match the texture of the sugarcane. For example, you can use a yellow sheet over which you can paint a little green and pink hue to give it a realistic look. If you want to make the banana stems, you may have to choose light green sheets in abundance.

It will look natural if the rolls are not perfect. So, just leave the sticking and painting part to the children.

To make the leaf scar and the bud in the cane, you can either paint it with dark colours or use dark coloured clay. Again let the children do all the painting, moulding, and sticking for the scars as they need not be perfect.

Let an adult do the cutting of the sugarcane leaves to stick it to one end. Use suitable coloured sheets for the leaves and let the children finish the job of sticking.

Once ready you can use the sugarcanes or banana stems for decoration purposes during other festivals or holy ceremonies.

This best out of waste idea will add beauty to your room and give your child some boasting rights!


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